Week(s) in Review -- March 21, 2016

Writer News:

The GoodData Writer has successfully migrated all of its configurations from sys buckets to the components API.  The buckets no longer in use will be removed this week.

Also, we're thrilled to now officially support writing to Looker and Qlik.

Extractor News:

Get your hardhats on!  Our DB2 and Firebird extractors now support SSH tunnelling.

In Other News:

Events and Notifications:
  • Newly invited users will not see old project notifications when they join, they will now only see notifications from the time of their joining the project
  • Checking the mark all as read ckeckmark will now mark all notifications as read, not just those loaded to the display
  • Newly joining users will now see all project events, whereas before they'd only see the last 200 events prior to joining the project.
Transformations and Applications:
  • Inputs in the standard interface for input and output mappings now support [space] character 
  • We've noticed that SQL comments larger than 8kb will fail without exception id, so please take note if your SQL is very comment heavy.  
  • We also now support docker containers from private repositories on quay.io