Week in Review - October 20th, 2020

New Components

  • POP3 Attachment extractor – allows you to download email attachments from a POP3 mailbox. There is no restriction on attachment type, so you can also download XLS files or images.

Updated Components

  • MongoDB extractor – added an option to “Include parent in Primary Key” in Mapping mode. This will allow better PK generation and the behavior will be much more consistent with Generic Extractor.
  • Looker writer – added support for Google BigQuery as the underlying database.

UI Improvements

Selecting a whole bucket in Input Mapping is now possible even if there are collisions between table names, or if there’s already a table from the specific bucket:
  • If there's a name collision, a numeric suffix is added (for example, if there is an account table from another bucket and you add a new bucket which has a table with the same name, it will be named account_2).
  • If there are already tables from the bucket, only the remaining tables will be added.

Force Unlink

There’s a new option to “force unlink” a bucket from projects that have it linked. When you disable sharing, it will “force unlink” the bucket automatically.

Edit Bucket Sharing

From now on, if there are projects that have the bucket linked, you can only add more projects/users. Edit sharing is available from “shared from this projects” list and from “bucket detail in data catalog” pages (if you have sufficient privileges). Until the bucket is linked, sharing can be changed without limitations.