Week In Review - May 9, 2016

Docker app configuration with JSON Schema

This feature is mainly useful for 3rd party developers. 

It is now possible to define configuration UI with JSON Schema.

Read more about this feature in documentation.

Slack Extractor

Another addition to our fast growing family of extractors! 

Slack is a great real time messaging app, read more about it.

Use this extractor and other KBC tools to analyse your conversations, see which users / clients are most active in what channels and when. You can do sentiment analyses of messages and much more.

GitHub Extractor

And another new extractor. This time for most popular Git repository hosting service.

The GitHub API provides access to the many public activities that happen on GitHub.com. 

Read more about GitHub Data. Now you can use these in Keboola Connection environment.

S3 Writer fixes

  • default path 'kbc_upload' is now used when no remote path is specified or it's just '/'. 
  • region 'us-east-1' is now set as default region
  • updated documentation