Week in Review -- May 28, 2018

New Components

OneDrive Extractor (Beta)
  • You can now download your documents from OneDrive. The component was developed by Jakub Bartel.

Google Big Query Writer (Beta)

  • Write data from KBC to Google Big Query with our new writer. The component was developed by us, Keboola s.r.o. 

Updated Components

Currency Extractor

  • Now offers exchange rates of GBP.

Oracle Extractor

  • Now supports exporting columns of the LOB datatype family.

Gmail Attachments Extractor

  • Added support for processors, see example.

Create Manifest Processor 

  • Will test, if all the slices of a CSV file have the same header columns.

Flatten Folders Processor 

  • Throws a user exception when the flattened filename is too long (longer than 255 characters).
  • Has now configurable flatten strategies. Added `hash-sha256` strategy, which solves an issue with 255 characters filename limit in default `concat` strategy.

New Features

  • Component badges.
  • Validate your SQL in transformations with new Validate feature, provided by SQLDep.

  • MySQL extractor now supports incremental fetching. You can extract just the most recent records from a database table and write them incrementally into Storage.

    Minor Improvements

    • Show more / show less button added to the list of inputs and outputs of a job. It now shows all the tables and the view is more compact.