Week in Review -- March 5, 2018


  • Schema in Snowflake Extractor is no longer a required connection parameter. If not set, the table selector allows you select tables from the whole database.
  • Snowflake extractor now supports importing these semi-structured data types: `VARIANT`, `OBJECT`, and `ARRAY` 

  • Updated two factor authentication in Keboola Developer Portal. The SMS authentication is now deprecated. All new users will have to use either Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile app.
  • MySQL extractor now has an option to enable compression of data sent over network
  • Enhanced Output Mapping selector
  • R in Sandbox and Transformations is updated to 3.4.3, also the Tidyverse package is now installed by default.

Bug fixes

  • Data Takeout was randomly failing on backing up your data to S3.
  • Task editor in Orchestrator produced errors when orchestration had configured dozens of tasks.
  • In Twitter extractor template, if a user made a mention of your account, the details of that user account weren't downloaded. Edit and save existing configuration to remedy this issue.