Week in Review -- March 27, 2017

Trash for configurations

One of the most wanted features in Keboola Connection was the option to restore deleted configuration.

We are happy to announce this feature is now avalable for all users.

This feature allows you to:

1. Check who and when deleted a configuration

2. Restore configuration

Configuration Restore is supported by all components, except Orchestrator, GoodData Writer and some old components which have configuration in a bucket created in `sys` stage.

3. Delete configurations permanently

If you use "Empty Trash" button, all configurations will be deleted permanently. There is no other way to restore them!

As always, you can use mentioned functionality by calling our Storage API: http://docs.keboola.apiary.io/#reference/component-configurations/configuration-restore/restore-deleted-configuration

Fixes and improvements

  • added optional parameter to specify warehouse in Snowflake Database Writer
  • fixed credentials editing in DB writers