Week in Review - March 19th, 2020


New Features

  • Keboola Connection in-app news — we now display important news inside the application. We aim to replace the current status with the in-application news:

  • Search in transformations now searches the individual transformations again:
  • Orchestrations can now be copied (from the configuration versions page); the new orchestrations are created as disabled so that they don't run unexpectedly:
  • An entire bucket can be added in input mapping in transformations: 
  • Orchestrator now supports setting the timezone for the orchestration schedule:
  • We're working on making the UI less cluttered; therefore, we're hiding numerous action buttons into an action menu. In the following releases, some of the actions that are now in the action menu will be directly accessible when hovering over the item in the list:

Community News

For Czech speaking folks - we're participating in Covid-19 CZ activity.

Minor Improvements

  • DWHM Manager now has the option to reset users' passwords; the password link will be returned in job events. Keep in mind that the link can only be clicked once: 


  • Microsoft SQL Server writer now correctly creates the primary key when creating a table.

  • Thoughtspot writer now creates the target database & schema if it does not exist.


  • Developer portal now shows the link to your development project: