Week in review -- June 29th, 2020

New Features and Updates

Project Description

Project description is no longer in a read-only mode; you can modify it to fit your needs.

Looker Writer Connection Name

Deprecation of Storage API .NET Client

We decided to deprecate the old and no longer maintained .NET version of the Storage API client. As a replacement we recommend you one of the supported Storage API clients.

Renaming Storage Buckets and Tables

There's a separate post explaining this new feature.

Selecting Bucket in Input Mapping

You can select a whole bucket when adding new tables to Input Mapping. This was originally enabled only for transformations; now you can use this feature for all remaining components.

Bug Fixes

  • Generic Extractor no longer stops after the 2nd page when downloading data in child jobs (only configurations with Limit Stop setting were affected)
  • CSV import component supports full load again (due to a bug, all imports were performed incrementally).
  • MySQL writer no longer writes an "empty string" instead of a null for columns with DATE and DATETIME data types.

New Components

  • CSOB CEB extractor for downloading bank statements from the CSOB CEB Business Connector service
  • Azure Blob Storage writer for exporting any input CSV files into designated Blob containers
  • Sisense writer for sending tables from Keboola Connection to a Sisense database platform
  • Zendesk writer for creating and updating Zendesk Support properties with the flexibility of defining their own parameters