Week in Review -- July 25, 2016

SalesForce Writer

Previously you could only update data in your SalesForce CRM with this writer. Now you can also insert, upsert (insert new data and update existing data) and delete records in SalesForce CRM. This writer is developed by HTNS.cz.

Heureka.cz and Zbozi.cz Extractors

Get marketing data from two of the most popular price comparison and recommendation shopping engines in Czech Republic. These extractors was developed by Sun Marketing, s.r.o.

Storage API - Load Data Into Workspace

This new feature is only available for Snowflake backend.

Use this API call to load data from tables in Storage API into a Snowflake workspace.

For more details check the documentation.

Transformations - direct data load in Snowflake input mapping

Input mapping from a Snowflake storage table into a Snowflake transformation utilise the Load Data Into Workspace function mentioned above. 

Input mapping now performs faster.