Week in review -- July 19, 2017

GoodData Writer

  • Upload Project job isn't executing reports anymore. This caused troubles on Vertica backend. You can add report execution API call into orchestrator if needed

Python sandboxes

  • Updated to Jupyter 5.0.0 
  • Current directory is now */data/*

    Transformations (SQLdep)

    • Fixed issue with lineage on aliased cloumns

    Generic Extractor

    • Delimiter character can now be configured in Data Field, see documentation
    • Functions can now be used in Login Authentication in API Request, see documentation

    Storage API CLI

    • Added create-bucket command
    • It is now possible to run this tool as Docker container
    • Latest version is available on GitHub

    Storage API Client for Python

    • Alpha version of the client is available on GitHub.  
    • Call for contributions: any pythonistas out there want to contribute, please do so:)