Week in Review — January 30, 2020

New Features and UI Improvements

  • There is a new ui picker that allows you to easily switch between projects and their organizations.

  • Detail of a transformation bucket was tweaked. Button for adding transformations is reachable better, phases and backends are better arranged and design of the list of transformations was united with similar lists in other components.

  • Sidebars across the whole application were united and polished.

  • Editing descriptions across the whole application was polished too.

  • Input mappings in a transformation detail can be reordered using drag & drop.

Updated Components

  • There is a new template for getting projects and tasks in detail within Asana Extractor.
  • Updated Typeform Extractor  to download data from Responses API instead of Data API

New Components

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Extractor and Writer by our KDS team allows downloading and sending data to this CRM tool.
  • Microsoft SharePoint Lists Extractor by KDS team allows downloading collections of data from SharePoint lists.
  • Azure Blob Storage Extractor and Writer by KDS team allows reading and writing data to Azure Storage similarly to our S3 Writer.
  • OneDrive Writer by Jakub Bartel which uploads files from Storage to OneDrive or SharePoint account.