Week in Review - December 7th, 2020

General updates

  • New wishlist – the old wishlist was replaced with a new, more transparent one. You can find it at https://ideas.keboola.com or in the "Settings Menu" in your projects.
  • New Keboola Connection instance running on Azure is available in Europe – https://connection.north-europe.azure.keboola.com
  • SQLdep removed – we were forced to remove SQLdep from Keboola Connection as the service is shutting down.
  • New on-boarding experience - starting from November 16, 2020, new users will no longer get Guide Mode projects. They were replaced by a new interactive wizard inside each project.
  • Migration of projects to Azure stacks – it's now possible to migrate projects in AWS stacks to new Azure stacks [see the documentation].
  • Shared workspaces – this feature is available only to customers with new transformations.
If you share a workspace, all project users will be able to use/restore it. Only workspace creators/owners can delete workspaces. 
In the list of workspaces, there’s a new column indicating if a workspace is yours and if it is shared or not.

New Components

  • Google Ad Manager Report Service exctractor – downloads reports from the Google Ad Manager API. It uses ReportService.ReportQuery to download data.
  • Generic writer – sends data to REST-like APIs either as JSON or as a BINARY payload.
  • B!Q GoodData Telemetry extractor – uses the GoodData API to get info about users, projects, dashboards, reports, and uploaded datasets.
  • Klaviyo extractor – fetches customer profiles, lists, campaigns, and metrics from the Klaviyo email marketing platform.
  • Klaviyo writer – creates/updates customer profiles and manages a list of memberships and subscriptions on the Klaviyo email marketing platform.
  • Azure Blob Storage V2 extractor – extracts a single or multiple CSV files from a single or nested folders from an Azure Blob Container and stores them into Keboola Connection.
  • Looker Schedule Runner – forces a new cache on your dashboards by triggering a dashboard export, which will execute a query and refresh the cache of your dashboard.

Updated Components

  • FTP extractor – has a new option “Ignore passive address”. It solves the problem when a server offers a random port for communication but the port is blocked by firewall.

UI Improvements

  • Input Mapping – data types are available for the Snowflake transformation. This feature is available in new PAYG projects and for customers with new transformations only [see the documentation].
  • Option validate and SQLdep removed

  • Transformations have been split into Transformations and Workspaces (applies to new transformations only).