Week in Review — December 12, 2019

New Components

TimeDoctor extractor 

  • Time Doctor is a time tracking software which allows employees to track time per project and task. Team managers are then able to monitor their computer activity and evaluate effectiveness.
  • The Time Doctor extractor for Keboola Connection allows you to download Time Doctor data about users and their activity. 
  • This component was developed by KDS Team.

Snapchat Marketing extractor

  • The Snapchat marketing extractor allows users to download data about marketing campaigns and statistics via the Snapchat Marketing API.
  • It allows to download statistics for campaigns, adsquads, and ads with all supported metrics from Snapchat with either hourly or daily granularity.
  • This component was developed by KDS Team.

Updated Components

  • All database extractors now retry on all the SQL queries they perform.
  • Firebird and Impala extractors now support simple table & column select mode and incremental fetching.

    New Features

    New type of sharing buckets

    • From now on, you can share buckets to specified users. Any listed project users in the organization can use the shared data bucket.

    Minor Improvements

    • Increased speed of name, description and metadata editing in components.
    • Latest Activity shown on the Dashboard also for configurations. We also added grouping by events.
    • Added button for creating a bucket and file in the Storage console.
    • Tables can no longer be created as direct text input. 
    • Redesigned error display for jobs; now errors have their own box and details can be shown in the modal window.
    • Orchestration detail now shows the trendline for previous jobs.
    • Already seen last time was added to Dashboard Latest Activity.