Week in Review -- August 22, 2018

Updated Components


  • Added Configuration Row detail API resource

Slack Extractor

  • Fixed pagination. The extractor was only downloading 1000 records from a channel history.
    Existing configuration of the extractor needs to be re-saved to apply this fix.

New Features

  • When creating new API tokens, you can now choose Orchestrator from the Custom Access components dropdown

Minor Improvements

  • Added Incremental label to Output Mapping
  • Storage API and Manage API tokens are now generated from alphanumeric characters instead of hexadecimal
  • Added Documentation badge to component detail. Additional external documentation is available for component marked with this badge. 
  • Filter expression operators were renamed to be more intuitive

    EQ (equals) -> IN
    NE (not equal) -> NOT IN
  • It's no longer necessary to click the <-Back button when adding tasks to Orchestration. The New Task modal will reset its state and after reopening it shows the list of components. Previously, after reopening, it showed a list of configurations of the previously selected component