Week in Review -- April 4, 2017

New Component - Papertrail Extractor

We’re happy to welcome the Papertrail Extractor to the family.  Papertrail manages billions of log messages for operations-savvy companies. It has been our log management system of choice for years. If you log to Papertrail and realise that log messages contain important information, feel free to incorporate this unstructured data into your data strategy. By using our Papertrail Extractor, you can download all records matching your search query within the retention period. The extractor can also incrementally add new records each run.

Discrete sessions from e-commerce, low-level transactions, developer stack traces or operational data - everything can fit in your Keboola project! 

We will cover this topic in an upcoming blog post next week. If you're interested in how we perform complex analytic deep-dive into our logs, follow our Medium account at https://500.keboola.com/

Minor Improvements

  • S3 extractor now displays how many files were downloaded in the specific job; it is very handy especially in case of wildcard rules

  • MSSQL Writer now supports the BCP method - you can activate it in the table settings - it can write your data to desired MSSQL DB at supersonic speed, but take note that it doesn't handle weird UTF8 characters properly

  • Transformations with Snowflake backend now support FLOAT data type in input mapping -> no hacking with NUMBER data type anymore