Week in Review

SSL for Transformation Sandboxes

Connection through SSL is now available when creating sandboxes for transformations.

Intercom.io Extractor

Extractor for https://www.intercom.io/ has been added to Keboola Connection.

"Load more" button added in Notifications

You can now browse older notifictionas with "Load more" button on Keboola Connection Notifictions page.

Changes to R transformations

We have made some internal changes to R transformation backend which resolves a couple of edge-case issues and bring few new features:

  • We have unified R Transformations and R Custom Science to use exactly the same environment - this solves issues when using code from transformations in Custom Science.
  • R Transformation scripts now have properly set encoding to UTF8 - manually setting encoding with Sys.setlocale("LC_CTYPE", "cs_CZ.UTF-8") is no longer necessary
  • R packages are now installed from multiple backup CRAN repositories - this solves an issue where a package installation would randomly fail in case of CRAN outage
  • When installing R packages we now automatically load them - this solves an issue where a package was successfully installed, but failed to load. This also has the nice side effect that, you no longer need to call library() explicitly to load packages in your R code.
  • R script output is now available in Transformation events, so you can do some basic logging with print('message') or a bit nicer write('message', stdout())

You don't need to make any changes to your R scripts. If you run into any incompatibilities, let us know.

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