Telemetry: Missing credits for writer jobs in projects recently migrated to the new queue [resolved]

We have discovered that some writer jobs in the projects that were migrated to the new job queue (Queue V2) after the beginning of May are missing information about the data transferred. That information is used to calculate the number of credits consumed by those jobs.

We will deploy a fix tomorrow (10th Aug), which will add missing credits to the jobs affected. For affected projects regularly using writers, the result may be that they have a higher recorded consumption of credits.

The issue is related solely to the telemetry and does not affect Keboola Connection in any way. Moreover, it affects the telemetry only for projects that were recently migrated to Queue V2.

UPDATE 2023-08-10 11:04 UTC: The fix was deployed and the affected writer jobs show consumed credits again.

Detailed description of the issue

When a project is migrated to Queue V2, any jobs created in the past several months are also migrated, so that the user can keep track of what is going on in their Keboola project UI. Jobs in both Queue V1 (the old queue) and Queue V2 contain information about the data transferred by these jobs as different metrics. However, this information is not passed from an original job to the corresponding migrated one during the migration process.

Generally, Queue V1 jobs take precedence over Queue V2 jobs. To prevent any issues, they are used in the telemetry calculations, rather than the migrated jobs, as they have the original data.

In May, to speed up the telemetry calculations, the input mapping of Queue V1 jobs in a transformation was switched so that only data updated in the last 30 days was incrementally loaded for further processing.

As noted above, when a project was migrated to Queue V2, migrated jobs were also created. So, when processing jobs, loads of migrated jobs from the past several months were processed but only recently updated Queue V1 jobs (from the last 30 days) were processed alongside them. Thus, the older Queue V1 jobs could not take precedence over the newer migrated Queue V2 jobs, so the latter were incorrectly used for the telemetry output. Hence, information is missing about transferred data, resulting in no credits.

For the bug fix, a transformation will now always load the entire history of Queue V1 jobs to prevent migrated jobs from incorrectly being used in telemetry calculations.