Telemetry Data Fixes and Upcoming Telemetry Component

Dear customers,

We are in the final phase of shifting and finalizing the calculation of time credits. We thank you for your patience and partnership in working with us and transitioning your contracts over to the new credit system.

As a part of finalizing, we are implementing some changes that weren’t applied previously and will begin to calculate starting now.

  • Transformations with multiple transformation backends - If you have a transformation that runs an SQL transformation with a R/Python transformation following it, in the same bucket, the SQL transformation is being calculated until the R/Python transformations are finished. As a result, these SQL jobs will have its child jobs run time deducted from their own, resulting in lower time credits consumption of affected clients. The change will cover jobs since the beginning of 2020.
  • SQL sandboxes time credits usage - Most of our clients don’t have SQL sandboxes consumption added to their overall consumption. In our analysis, this is a fraction of total consumption, so the impact is not very material for the majority of clients. For those clients that have a material impact, your CSM will be reaching out to you to let you know the impact, otherwise you can assume your usage is not going to impact you.
  • COVID-19 Error jobs - We haven’t been calculating credits for error jobs since April 2020 due to Covid and a higher than normal rate of Snowflake related issues. We will begin adding the consumption from job errors starting October.

Telemetry Component

We’re planning to release a new Keboola Connection component, which will allow the users to get telemetry data about their project or organization. That will eventually replace our temporary solutions like GoodData telemetry dashboard or direct writing of telemetry data to some projects. In the end, all of the Keboola Connection users will have easy access to documented telemetry data on demand.