Stuck storage jobs in Azure North Europe Stack

Today, 16th of June  since 3:03 UTC we are experiencing jobs are stuck on import and export data. It is due to a Snowflake incident in Azure west europe region where the warehouse of the Azure North Europe stack is located.

We monitor the snowflake incident and keep you updated here.

UPDATE 6:15 UTC - the snowflake incident is still ongoing, with the last update at 05:28 UTC: "We've identified an issue with a third-party service provider, and we're coordinating with the provider to develop and implement a fix to restore service. We'll provide another update within 60 minutes.". The issue is most likely due to a problem in Azure, which informed about an incident in West Europe region see

UPDATE 7:00 UTC  - we see progress, that is storage import/export data jobs are being processed. However the snowflke incident is still open, we continue to monitoring it.

UPDATE 8:00 UTC [resolved] - Snowflake has resolved incident stating "We've coordinated with our third-party service provider to implement the fix for this issue, and we've monitored the environment to confirm that service was restored. If you experience additional issues or have questions, please open a support case via Snowflake Community.". We don't see any more stuck jobs so we conclude it is resolved as well.