Storage API Client For R

Want to play with your KBC data in your local R environment?

Install the keboola-sapi-r-client and you can.  
(The package is on GitHub so it is installed via the devtools package) 


We need to install a github dependency
for aws request signature generation


Now we can install the Storage api client and load it into our R session


Just like any other R package, once installed, it can be invoked in any future session with the library() command.

To instantiate the client just give it a KBC token.
We'll use the token for the currency exchange rates for demonstration purposes.

client <- SapiClient$new('452-33945-de5bb7fecb818901f0834b2431564003296a4b05')

Now we can import data to our R session

currencyData <- client$importTable('in.c-ex-currency.rates')

Just for fun, let's make a simple plot of EUR vs USD using the ggplot2 library
if not installed on your R use install.packages("ggplot2")

# prepare our data
eurVsUsd <- currencyData[which(currencyData$toCurrency == "USD"),]
eurVsUsd$date <- as.Date(eurVsUsd$date)

# load the libraries needed to make our plot
library(scales) # for prettier x-axis labeling

p <- ggplot(eurVsUsd, aes_string(x="date", y="rate")) + geom_point()
# add x-axis scaling and title
p <- p + scale_x_date(breaks="1 year", labels=date_format("%Y"))
p <- p + ggtitle("EUR vs USD")

The code for this sample is here in this gist

The Storage API client gives full read and write access to your KBC project within the comforting power of your local R environment.

Imagine the possibilities!

* small print *  This is a development tool in Beta, use at your own risk!