Stalled jobs in US stack

We are seeing stalled jobs since approximately 16:20 UTC (Nov 23) on the stack. These are caused by inaccessibility of Snowflake services in the region.

Update 17:15 UTC: One incident is marked as resolved on Snowflake side, but there is another one ongoing. Most jobs in Keboola Connection should gradually return to their usual run times. Though some customer using BYODB Snowflake might still see slower job run times. We keep monitoring the situation.

Update 17:55 UTC: The Snowflake incident is still ongoing. Some customers using their own Snowflake (BYODB) in the affected region, may still see jobs executing slowly or being stalled in processing or waiting phase, or occasionally failing with a message similar to "Load error: An exception occurred while executing a query: SQL execution internal error: Processing aborted due to error 300004:867554464; incident 3178266.".

Update 19:20 UTC: The Snowflake incident is still ongoing. 

Update 20:25 UTC: The Snowflake incident is still ongoing. 

Update 21:50 UTC: The Snowflake incident is still ongoing, but we see strong improvement in query processing. Jobs in the affected projects should be gradually returning to the usual processing.

Update 23:00 UTC: The Snowflake incident is marked as resolved. According to our monitoring jobs and queries are already running as usual, so we consider the incident to be resolved. We'll keep monitoring the platform closely for any irregularities.