Snowflake Slowdown in the EU Region

7 May 2020 8:30 UTC We're seeing a higher load and longer execution time in EU Snowflake queries. We have added more compute capacity and investigating the causes. Next update in two hours.

7 May 2020 9:50 UTC The performance should be back to normal, we're monitoring the situation.

7 May 2020 11:00 UTC We're seeing again slower execution, we're working with Snowflake on resolving the issue. Next update in two hours.

7 May 2020 12:13 UTC Snowflake engineering identified the cause of the reduced performance, we're now processing the backlog. There are still some queued orchestrations, but the run times of individual jobs are back to normal. Both us and Snowflake engineering are monitoring the load. Next update in two hours.

The incident is resolved.