Snowflake Slowdown in EU

Monday, 20 April 2020 07:39:02 UTC: We're seeing degraded performance of Snowflake in EU region, we're investigating the cause with Snowflake. Next update in 1 hour.

Update 08:17:25 UTC: We have thrown more computing power in and the average running times are back to normal. We're still seeing some occasional isolated queries that take longer. We're still working with Snowflake on identifying and resolving the issue, but Keboola Connection is stable now. Next update in 4 hours.

Update 11:31:30 UTC: We still observe slight slowdown in some queries, while other queries run smoothly. From our analytics it seems that job run times are not affected as we've offset the slowdown with more computing power. Next update in 4 hours.

Update 15:33:10 UTC: No significant changes, the situation is stable, but not resolved. Snowflake is working on identifying the source of the performance issues. We're monitoring the situation and in case of significant slow downs we'll offset with more computational power. Next update tomorrow or earlier if there are any changes.

Update 21 April 2020: The situation is stable, we're working with Snowflake on maintaining the stability.

Update 22 April 2020: Snowflake engineers improved performance of impacted queries, together we're working on preventing this in future. We consider the incident closed. Postmortem will be published when we the root cause is fully understood.