Snowflake Incident in US region

Since 2020-08-25 8:35 UTC we are experiencing Storage errors in the US region due to a reported incident in Snowflake. We are going to monitor the situation and keep you posted within 90 minutes.

UPDATE 2020-08-25 9:20 UTC: Snowflake incident update:

We have identified the problem with the Snowflake Service that is interrupting the following services:
1. Access to Snowflake UI
2. Cannot execute queries

Incident Start Time: 01:20 PT Aug 25, 2020
We will provide an update within 30 minutes or as soon as we have more details on the status of the issue.
UPDATE 2020-08-25 9:50 UTC: The problem seems to disappear, we don't get any more errors since 9:30 UTC. But Snowflake hasn't updated the incident yet so we are still monitoring the situation.

UPDATE 2020-08-25 10:15 UTC: A fix to resolve the issue is applied and the situation is still being monitored.