Refined Storage Console

We're happy to announce a small technology update of our Storage Console. Several months in the making, this will allow us to bring new features in the near future.

Even though the primary purpose of this update is to bring the code up to date and align the design with the rest of the UI, we have already made some small improvements:

  • You can no longer see an additional loading page when navigating to Storage from other pages.
  • Search in buckets (or tables) highlights the matched parts of your search query in yellow.

  • An active bucket is highlighted on the left side when its detail or a detail of its table is active.

  • Files and Jobs sections are automatically reloaded every 20 seconds.
  • Event sections have predefined searches, so you can filter events faster.

  • Buttons Create Bucket, Link Bucket and Reload are now bigger.

  • There's an option to create Table Alias directly from a table detail (in Actions).

  • Other minor cosmetic things like navigation, buttons, etc.