Project Limits

Today we’re introducing limits to all Keboola Connection projects.  You can find them in the “Users & Settings” section.

It will let you know what your limits are for storage, user licenses, orchestrations, etc. 

If your project or component is over a limit, the metrics will be shown in red brick

Keep in mind that these are just soft quotas which can be easily exceeded.  So If you go over a limit, you don’t need to be afraid of anything happening to your project usage (we all are in the cloud after all, lots of room up here :) Our goal is just to keep the red metrics at a minimum, so you may be hearing from us if too many red boxes hang around for too long.  The end result should be that you get your desired performance, and we get our profit :)

The project settings will also list your monthly cost, project type and days remaining until project expiration (typically proof-of-concept or demo projects will have expiration conditions).

Project expiration will also be announced on the project homepage (Overview):

Since we’re moving to this new system from our old filing cabinet and fax machine solution, there might be some glitches in the numbers displayed. If you find any discrepancies with the numbers there, please let us know.