Platform Update: Transition to Datadog for Platform Logs Monitoring - Vendors Only

Beginning June 1st, 2023, we are transitioning our platform logs monitoring system from Papertrail to Datadog. This is a platform-level change and does not affect user experience or functionality. Regular users are not affected by this change.

For our 3rd party Keboola component vendors, this change modifies the way you receive application error notifications:

  1. Email Notifications Only: Notifications will now be sent exclusively via email. Webhook support may be considered in the future.

  2. Notification Email Address: Vendors previously notified via Papertrail or generic webhook will now receive notifications to the email address specified in their vendor profile. Vendors who were already receiving notifications via email will continue to do so at the same email address.

  3. New Sender Email Address: All notifications will come from

Should our vendors have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please contact us at