On-demand SSO access to GoodData projects from KBC

Access to GoodData projects from their writers in Keboola Connection has been changed. Once you enter a project in KBC you are not automatically added to any GoodData projects any more. Instead there is new button "Enable Access to Project" in each writer which needs to be explicitly confirmed first.

After that you can directly access the project using sso link (no need to login first any more) or you can Disable access to the project.

Also when you leave a KBC project, you are removed from all of it's GoodData projects automatically. 

GoodData Writer automatically creates one GoodData account for each KBC user. Unfortunately because of security reasons we cannot connect this feature to your existing GoodData accounts but once you are logged in GoodData using a sso link you can switch between other projects you joined earlier so it should not be a big obstacle.

Access to projects is provisioned with editor role by default but you can ask support to allow you access with admin roles if you are sure you need it.