New S3 extractor

Imagine you are building new web app. You want to measure all events that are in your app. Maybe you use as a tool for sending those events to many destinations like Google Analytics, etc… Then you realise that you want to have all the data in one place (= Keboola Connection). How to send events from to KBC?

The solution is simple. Just turn on the S3 integration and all your events will be pushed to your own S3 bucket. Since the Segment - S3 integration uses a specific structure in S3 (each day has “folder” and logs are generated approx every hour into a separate file), we have developed custom Segment S3 extractor that will save you time and after simple configuration you can get all events into the KBC instantly.

The data is downloaded in JSON format which might be a bit tricky if you don’t use Snowflake backend. Anyway, if you do use Snowflake, the processing is just super easy and you can extract all data from JSON to columnar format and use in the ETL.

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