New Google Sheets Writer

Google Sheets Writer is now available. It is meant to replace a portion of the current Google Drive Writer.

We have decided to split the current Google Drive Writer into two separate components to simplify their usage:

  • Google Sheets Writer - as its name implies, is designed to upload tabular data from Storage to Google Sheets.
  • (New) Google Drive Writer - will handle uploading general files to Google Drive. It will be released very soon.


  • Advanced Input Mapping
    • choose which columns will be uploaded
    • filter data by date or by column values

  • Upload into existing or new Spreadsheet

  • Update or append data in a Sheet
    • you can write into existing Sheet within a Spreadsheet or create a new one


The existing Google Drive Writer will be deprecated soon and a migration tool will help you transfer your existing configurations to new Google Drive or Google Sheets Writer respectively.

Don't hesitate to give us feedback or ask a question, write to