New Generic Extractor Documentation

Long neglected, long awaited, it's here!

We are done with a major overhaul of our Generic Extractor documentation. It is now completely moved to The new documentation contains over 100 runnable examples. We have also created a tutorial which guides you through how to configure the Generic Extractor for a new API.

We have also a configuration map with links to documentation of all parts of the configuration.

In case you haven't heard of the Generic Extractor, it is our universal REST API client. It reads data (in JSON format) from an API according to how you configure it, then converts the results to CSV files and imports them into KBC Storage. This way you can extract data from new APIs in tens of minutes. You can use the Generic Extractor to create a new extractor or perform ad-hoc extractions from an API. 

If you are interested, give a try to the Tutorial.