New Facebook Extractors

As you might have already noticed, new versions of Facebook Extractor and Facebook Ads Extractor, that runs on container based architecture,  are available. The old ones have been marked deprecated.

Improvements compared to the old extractors

  • UI templates allow you to easily configure the extraction. 
  • More customisation possible (more endpoints, different api versions)
  • The output tables have more intuitive structures.  Unfortunately this means that direct data transfer from the old extractor is not possible
  • Tables are always incrementally imported with auto-detected primary keys


Due to various differences in output tables structure and configuration between new and old Facebook extractors we don't provide automatic migration tool, however there is basic tutorial on how to create configuration with same authorized account. See here for Facebook and here for Facebook Ads extractor.

We are always glad to receive feedback, so if you have any questions or ideas how to improve this component, please don't hesitate to contact us. Go ahead and try it ;)