Migration to new Job Queue in North Europe

In the following weeks, starting tomorrow 2.3.2022, we will be continuously migrating projects in our North Europe stack to the new version of the Job Queue.

At first glance, these are mostly cosmetic changes, but under the hood we have totally reworked how jobs are processed in order to make them more reliable, faster, and makes it easier for us to bring more features to you:

  • Dynamic backends
  • Parallel execution of configuration rows
  • Long running jobs
  • Versioning and trash for Orchestrator configurations
  • More concise API of the individual services

Please read more about new Job Queue and the migration here.

We will start the migration with our internal projects and in the following weeks we will migrate projects which don't have any incompatible components. (The list of incompatible components can also be found here). 
If you are using one of the components from the list in you project and want your project to be migrated to the new Job Queue, please contact our support.

The migration of all projects should be completed within a month or two.

Please contact us on support@keboola.com if you have any questions about the upcoming migration or the new Job Queue in general.

We will keep you posted about the progress of the migration.