Investigating decreased Snowflake performance

As of January 15th we are experiencing decreased Snowflake performance in peak times resulting in slower query executions or even query timeouts.

We are actively working on this case with Snowflake support and we shall have a further update at 14:00 UTC.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

UPDATE 19.1. 14:00 UTC - Snowflake support is continuing with a deep investigation of the problem. Next update should be 20.1. around 8:30 UTC.

UPDATE 20.1. 8:30 UTC - We have boosted the Snowflake Warehouse size to compensate for longer running queries. And we are still waiting for the update from Snowflake support.

UPDATE 20.1. 14:00 UTC - Snowflake is raising the priority of the issue internally, they've acknowledged there's something wrong with the duration of some queries. Next update will be tomorrow (21.1.) morning.

UPDATE 21.1. 13:00 UTC - Snowflake engineering has made some changes (around 4AM UTC) in our account, which they believe should help get performance back on track. We will continue monitoring the case for 24 hours, to see if the changes really helped.

UPDATE 22.1. 9.00 UTC - Both Snowflake engineering and we at Keboola can confirm that queries average times have decreased dramatically over last 24 hours. It seems like the problem has been resolved by Snowflake. We have brought our Snowflake warehouse back to its original size with boost window between 00:00 and 06:30. We will continue to monitor the case for another 24 hours