Google Drive Extractor Migration

A couple of months ago we launched a new version of Google Drive Extractor and promised to release a migration tool.

Well it took a bit more time then we expected, but as promised, here it is. This tool will help you migrate your configurations to the new version of the extractor.

How to

  1. Click "Proceed to Migration" button in any configuration of the old Google Drive Extractor
  2. A dialog window will open with a list of all configurations in the project
  3. Click the "Migrate" button and a migration job will be created
  4. You can watch the progress of the migration job either in the migration dialog window or in the Jobs list
  5. When the job has finished, you can see the result of the migration for every configuration and also any affected orchestrations will be listed in the "Affected Orchestrations" tab

Backward compatibility

Please be aware that in the new extractor, sheets in one configuration can only be downloaded into the same bucket. In the migration process, the destination bucket is determined from the last sheet of the "old" configuration.

If you have any questions or troubles, please contact