Google Analytics Extractor Migration

As you may have noticed, we have launched a new version of Google Analytics Extractor.

To help you migrate your existing configurations from the old extractor, we prepared a Migration Tool.

The migration process will migrate all your existing configurations, which are properly authorised and also replace the old extractor in all orchestration tasks in the project.

How to

  1. Click "Proceed to Migration" button in any configuration of the old Google Analytics Extractor
  2. A dialog window will open with a list of all configurations in the project
  3. Click "Migrate" button and a migration job will be created
  4. You can watch progress of the migration job either in the migration dialog window or in the Jobs list
  5. After job is finished, you can see the result of the migration for every configuration and also affected orchestrations on the "Affected Orchestrations" tab

Backward compatibility

The only thing that is not migrated automatically are the Date Range settings.

In the old extractor, the date ranges were specified in parameters of a orchestration task by "since" and "until" attributes.

In the new extractor, the date ranges are specified in the extractors configuration and you can have multiple date ranges per query.

After migration, the orchestration task parameters will remain as they were. If present, the orchestration task with new extractor will fail. Simply move your date range settings from the orchestration task parameters to the extractors query configuration.

Orchestration error:

Move "since" and "until" parameters from orchestration task to query configuration: 

For more information about new Google Analytics Extractor see documentation.

If you have any troubles or questions, please contact