Google Analytics Extractor: Metrics and dimensions will be renamed

A few months ago Google Analytics renames several metrics and dimensions (Release 2014-04-16)

Our GA extractor was still using the old names, but according to Googles Data Deprecation Policy, the old metric and dimension names stops working on November 1st.

The Extractor will be using the new names, hence the old ones still remains in the data input buckets. So in the input table will be two columns - old one with old name and old data and new one.

We will be helpful with the transition, but it is on KBC users to solve this by them selfs. For example by merging the old column with the new one in transformation, or move data from the old column to the new one and make respectful changes in transformations working with that input bucket.

Don't hesitate to contact us, if you need any assistance.