Google AdWords extractor jobs consume all credits in PAYG

Some jobs of keboola.ex-google-adwords-reports-v201809 in the Azure North Europe stack fail immediately with an error. The job details is missing the job start date and for PAYG customers the billing consumes all available credits.

We're investigating this issue and will update this status in 60 minutes or when an update is available. 

UPDATE 18:43 UTC: We have found the root cause and we're working on a fix. Next update in 60 minutes or when an update is available. 

UPDATE 19:45 UTC: We have fixed billing stats in all affected projects. The root cause has not been fixed yet that means a new job of the keboola.ex-google-adwords-reports-v201809 component will again consume invalid number of credits. We'll update the billing stats later tonight and tomorrow early morning to keep the projects running smoothly. Next update as soon as we have any news or at 07:00 UTC. 

UPDATE Oct 11 06:55 UTC: Unfortunately we're still seeing failing jobs of the affected component after releasing the fix. We're further investigating the issue and preparing a new fix. Next update in 6 hours (13:00 UTC) or when new information is available. 

UPDATE Oct 11 11:40 UTC: We have deployed and verified the fix. We'll continue monitoring jobs closely to see double check for any re-occurrences.