GoodData API issues

Some older GoodData Writer configurations may experience fails of update model jobs which are accompanied by error message "You can not use a model that contains two or more facts identified by ids having same two tailing segments.". The problems are caused by some unexpected changes in GoodData's Project Model API after their Saturday's release. We are trying to fix the situation in cooperation with GoodData support. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE (18:00 CET): The problem still isn't solved and apparently will take some more time. We will keep you updated. However you should be able to load data if you avoid updating of project model. It means use API calls load-data or load-data-multi instead of update-table and update-project (see API documentation)

UPDATE (Mar 22 17:30 CET): GoodData released a fix which prevents those failures of update model jobs. Writer should work without problem now. Thanks for your patience.