Generic REST API Extractor

We've just developed a new extractor, which allows you to export data from various APIs, by just setting their URL and a few other parameters in configuration bucket.

What it can do:

  • Export data from any REST API
  • Authenticate using HTTP Basic authentication
  • Authenticate using a generated signature in a query string
  • Scroll through result pages using offset or page number parameters

What can't it do:

  • Paginate using a value within API's response (eg. "next_page": "")
    • This functionality will be enabled soon(TM)!
  • Authenticate using OAuth
    • This, however, won't be enabled anytime soon due to the nature of OAuth, where the application has to be registered at the API, and therefore doesn't allow use of the API without developer interaction
  • Simple configuration!
    • This extractor is designed to be as universal as possible, and we're at work to develop an easy to understand user interface, that'll not take away from the application's abilities, but won't require bleeding out of eyes, ears nor nose to set up!

How does it work?

You create a bucket, which defines to what API should the extractor connect and how, and the nickname of the API. Then you can create a table within such bucket, and its name can be used as config parameter.


See attached images for an example (how to set up Conductor API)

Feel free to contact for help with configuration for any API, or inquiries whether some API is supported, or whether it can possibly be supported, or just with any issues you may encounter setting the extractor up and running!