[Resolved] Failing transformation in EU region

Since last night (2021-11-01) we have been experiencing failing transformations with the error "Table already exists in workspace". We continue investigating and will keep you posted.

UPDATE 09:30 UTC - we have identified possible root cause and escalated the problem to Snowflake that seem to cause the errors. The problem is related to clone table input mapping, so workaround might to switch to standard copy table input mapping for the time being.

UPDATE 10:30 UTC - issues still persists, we are waiting for the findings from Snowflake.

UPDATE 11:15 UTC -  We're closely communicating with Snowflake support and we've identified potential cause of the issue that's now shared with the engineering team. Next update in 30 minutes.

UPDATE 11:45 UTC -  We are waiting for the Snowflake engineering team for the update. The issue seems to only be affecting clone mapping queries. We suspect that the issue might be related to a particular unhealthy server somewhere in the Snowflake infrastructure that the query is assigned to. So while we wait for more information from Snowflake's side, our suggestion for a workaround is to try running the affected job/query again if possible. Next update in 30 minutes.

UPDATE 12:15 UTC -  We are still waiting for the Snowflake engineering team for the update. Next update in 30 minutes.

UPDATE 12:45 UTC -  Snowflake informed us that they are still investigating the issue with their engineering team and keep us informed. Next update in 30 minutes.

UPDATE 13:15 UTC - Snowflake informed us they turned off the unhealthy server and asked us to test it. Our testing transformations work so the issue should be resolved now. We wait for Snowflake to confirm it is resolved. However we encourage to run your failed transformations.

UPDATE 14:10 UTC - Snowflake confirmed the issue should be resolved, at the same time continue investigating for the root cause. After more extensive testing we consider this to be resolved, that means all transformations in EU should succeed without any slowdown or temporal fail.

UPDATE 2021-01-19 11:18 UTC - We published post-mortem for this incident

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Is there any estimation how long this would take to fix it? We have to start "making the workaround" to be able to run the next night ETL jobs if it would not be fixed until midnight CET. Thank you.
Hi Josef, we are close to finding the root cause, it looks like one of their servers is malfunctional. If they confirm that then I believe the fix could be quick and it will be resloved by today. We also urged Snowflake to give us a timeframe for the fix. Tomas
Seems to be working fine right now :-) thank you
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