Degraded Snowflake Performance (EU region) - March 16, 2020

We are investigating decreased performance of Snowflake in EU region which unfortunately reoccured after previous resolution. We are in touch in with Snowflake support. Next update in three hours.

UPDATE Mar 16, 11:58 CET  - Snowflake confirmed the issue and will fix it by end of business day today. Meanwhile backlog of jobs cleared but we still see performance degradation. Next update in 6 hours or when the issue will be resolved by Snowflake.

UPDATE Mar 16, 18:21 CET  - Snowflake is performing update which should resolve the issue. We already see performance improvements and there are no jobs in backlog. Next update tomorrow morning.

UPDATE Mar 17, 08:08 CET  - All operations are back to normal all jobs were processed during the night without any delays. We are working together with Snowflake to avoid these issues happening again.