Degraded AWS US/EU Stack (,

2023-06-13 19:40 UTC Service is degraded due incident in AWS US-EAST-1 Region we are monitoring situation.

2023-06-13 20:15 UTC Incident in AWS is affecting also our oauth authorization service in AWS US Stack ( All components relying on oauth authorization could be affected and may randomly fail. 

2023-06-13 20:20 UTC We are investigating slower jobs processing in AWS US Stack (

2023-06-13 20:40 UTC Incident in AWS US-EAST-1 is causing jobs to be stuck on both AWS US ( and AWS EU ( stack. This includes components jobs and services which are running jobs as part of their workflow, like creation of workspace.

2023-06-13 20:55 UTC AWS is reporting incident as resolved. All services are running normally, some jobs may still take longer to process due to large number of jobs waiting in queue. We are monitoring situation.