Transformations EA Preview

We'll be releasing updated version of the Transformation API (and accordingly modified UI) later this week. Changes will include:

All transformation and sandbox job are asynchronous. 

More reliability, durability and scalability of both UI and API. 

You can monitor all transformation jobs in the Jobs app, processing jobs will show detailed 

Running a transformation or a bucket will not keep the modal window open. 

It will provide you a link to the job detail instead. 

Sandbox jobs will keep the window with the details, though.

Custom credentials are deprecated.

We're providing you with enough power to process your data. If you want to run transformations on your own database servers, please contact

Running disabled transformation is disabled.

May sound weird, but it is. You were allowed to run disabled transformation from the transformation detail in the UI. 

If you want to separate a transformation, set it to a different phase or migrate it to another bucket.

Testing period

If you want to make sure everything works fine in your project, you can try it out. The new UI is available and is connected to the new version of API in the Applications app.

You can try running certain transformations, create sandboxes etc. If you want to try the new API within an orchestration, you need to change manually the component name in the configuration table (sys.c-orchestrator.*) from transformation to transformation-new.

In the Orchestrations UI the task name will show Transformations (EA Preview)

When your testing is done, please reset the value back to transformation. 

Stay updated for the release date and please report all bugs and concerns to