YouTube Reporting API - Extractor update (v2)

It's my big pleasure to announce another major update on one of my first component I had ever build - YouTube Reporting API.

YouTube Reporting API offers a very simple way to download daily reports that belongs to a Content Owner of a Youtube Channel (in other words, your channel account must be authorised by Google if you want to download data from this API). These reports are generated by the defined jobs and all you need to do is to download these results. And this is something the extractor was build for. 

As the general process is very simple, the first version of this extractor was completed in such a short time. However, while we were using the extractor in the production, we found that (from time to time) Google triggers some background actions leading into generating reports which broke the original logic and produced incorrect result (caused by logic related to merge operations). And for that reason the first version of this extractor was not super useful for the production deployment.

However, based on that experience I really wanted to fix the problematic parts of the original version and turn this extractor into the project which is fun to use. And I simply believe I made it and I am extremely proud of what I achieved in this update.

You can read the full description in the documentation. In a nutshell, this extractor downloads reports generated by jobs. However, there are lots of extra features which help you to manage these downloads in a very convenient way. For example, the original configuration requirements implemented in the first version of this extractor was reduced significantly and there were also added several options for creating a backup (S3). But most importantly, all data should be downloaded correctly.

This writer is developed independently by Blue Sky Media. For more information on how to use the writer, please refer to the documentation. In case you run into some issues or you have more questions, please contact me directly.