Weeks in Review -- October 19, 2016

Even though the weekly status has been a little weak recently, it does not mean that we're dawdling. We are working on some quite big internal things, which take much more than a week. For example (in no particular order):

  • Developer Portal, which will enable 3rd party developers to manage their applications.
  • Keboola Connection in EU Region.
  • OpenRefine transformations.
  • Validation and simplification of input and output mapping.
  • Internal changes to transformations and sandboxes using so called Workspaces.
  • RStudio and Jupyter Sandboxes.
  • Collecting more statistics about running jobs:
  • New Redshift, Oracle and MSSQL Writers and DynamoDB, Facebook and S3 Extractors.
  • Support of LuckyGuess applications (e.g. Anomaly Detection) on Snowflake.
  • Shared buckets between projects (to replace copying data via Restbox).
  • Resolving problem with ever growing tables on Redshift.
  • Plus we fixed the annoying problem that yelled "Table already exists" when loading data into sandbox.

All of the above are in various state of completeness (except the last item, which is complete). So stay tuned for more announcements when these features are finished.