Weeks in review -- February 8, 2019

Component Updates

  • Python Transformations - now uses the same Python version 3.7.2 as in the transformation sandbox.
  • R transformations have a new backend (v 3.5.2), and we added docs about how to do opt-in in the new version.
  • Storage Writer - now supports the `recreate` mode that will drop and create the target table.
  • Processor Decompress - supports graceful decompression, will skip the file that failed to decompress.
  • Mysql/Mssql/ extractors - allow any numeric or datetime type for incremental fetching.
  • PostgreSQL -  has automatic increment fetching. UI has to be migrated to the new version (by the green button in the config overview).
  • Generic Extractor now supports usage of deeply nested functions.
  • Zendesk Extractor - fixed extracting of custom ticket values fields, existing configurations need to be resaved (switch to template->scroll to the bottom-> select a template again and save).
  • New component for Mailgun (sending emails).

UI Updates

  • Generic Snowflake sandbox - now uses CLONE TABLE load type. It's way faster and it only loads complete tables (no rows sampling).
  • You can choose a backend version of R/Python transformations.
  • Snowflake writer - adding a new table now autoloads column datatypes if present (usual for tables originated from db extractors).
  • Transformations Output  - shows warning when there are 2 output mappings with the same destination table within one phase.
  • PostgreSQL Extractor - query editor now supports PostreSQL specific syntax.

Storage and Project Management Updates

  • All newly created tables in Storage have 16MB cell size instead of 1MB.
  • Limit 110 columns in data preview were removed, contents of wider tables are displayed normally.
  • Organization invitations are now working similarly to project invitations - an invited user has to accept the invitation.