Week in Review -- March 19, 2018

New Components

Asana Extractor

We’re happy to welcome the Asana Extractor to our family. It can extract your projects and tasks from the Asana application which is designed to help teams track their work. This component was developed by Leo Chan.

Thoughtspot Writer

We're likewise delighted to announce a new writer to Thoughtspot that is now available for public use. 
Thoughtspot is a "search and AI-driven analytics platform".

DynamoDB Extractor

We also released a beta version of the DynamoDB extractor. It does not have any UI yet, and has to be configured via JSON. If you are feeling adventurous, please give it a try and let us know how it goes.

Marketing Miner Extractor

Lastly, but in no way least, we have a new extractor for Marketing Miner that allows you to fetch your project rank tracking data from Marketing Miner. 

New Features

  • The project API Tokens section now shows when a token was refreshed: 

Minor Improvements

  • We've modified the storage job polling to reduce component job run times.  The greatest speedups will be observable in small to medium sized data loads.  
  • Artificial limits were removed from CSV file import. Previously the upload had to go through in 10 minutes. Now it's left to the decission of your web browser. Please note that it still holds that large files should be uploaded through the API.

  • Further improvements to Output mapping. The destination bucket is now prefilled from the transformation name.


  • The MSSQL extractor was updated to correctly handle databases with case-sensitive collations.

  • The Email Attachments extractor now supports incremental and addresses in angle brackets, ex: `Joe <email@example.com>`

  • Developer portal vendors can now approve requests to join via the request email.