KBC is not accessible in all regions

[2019-01-22 1:21 UTC]

Snowflake just announced that disabling OCSP check is able circumvent the error. KBC is fully working, you shouldn't have any issue for now!

[2019-01-22 00:51 UTC]

We were removing all OCSP validation and KBC platform is working OK in both (US/EU) regions for now

At this time, we have no more updates from Snowflake support team yet. You shouldn't have any issue with Keboola Connection. In case of any hiccups, please open ticket directly from your KBC project. Once we have RCA report from Snowflake, this post will be updated.

We're very sorry for this inconvenience and thank you so much for your patience with us and Snowflake engineers.

[2019-01-22 00:34 UTC]

SQL Sandboxes are fully working. Take care that all existing credentials were discarded - use new combination of username and password.

[2019-01-22 00:16 UTC]

Just a few components are still having an issue. 

To make up for this outage we're going to add additional resources and run your jobs in Keboola Connection for next few hours on Warp Drive.

[2019-01-22 00:08 UTC]

Almost everything is working now. Last issues are in Transformation Sandboxes.

[2019-01-22 00:02 UTC]

We're very close to fully working platform. Bear with us! 

[2019-01-21 23:50 UTC]

Component jobs are still serving errors from Snowflake DWH. We're disabling OCSP checks on other places in our infrastructure.


[2019-01-21 23:37 UTC]

Snowflake just confirmed its SSL validation issue in their ODBC driver (https://community.snowflake.com/s/group/0F90Z000000U8d9/alerts-awsus-west).

[2019-01-21 23:35 UTC]

US region is working.

[2019-01-21 23:34 UTC]

EU region is working.

[2019-01-21 23:32 UTC]

We're building app version with temporarily modified OSCP checks.

[2019-01-21 23:17 UTC]

This issue seem to be connected with OCSP cert validation on Snowflake side. We're still working on it.

[2019-01-21 22:50 UTC]

Starting 2019-01-21 22:33 UTC, all customers are seeing error messages throughout their account. We’re aware of the issue and are working on it urgently.

We’re really sorry to be holding you up today! Please know our engineering and operations teams are working hard to get everything up and running and we will update you right here in 30 minutes with the latest information.