iTunes Connect Extractor - update (v3)

Recently, there was an announcement from Apple about their plans to deprecate the iTunes Connect Autoingest tool by the end of November, 2016. They also mentioned the new way how to download financial and sales data from their APIs and for that reason they made available the new Reporter API.

In order to avoid any potential problems, it is my pleasure to announce that the iTunes Connect Extractor was updated and from now on it started using the new APIs which helps you to keep downloading data from the Apple reporting without any problem.

The new set of APIs is not the only change. I focused all my effort on simplicity and simplified the way how to pass the input params into Keboola. That means a lot of bigger things are now managed 'under the hood' and you don't to worry much about it. For instance, if you start selling the content in any new country, the extraction process will handle that and you will see the new region in your Keboola Storage object automatically. 

This writer is developed independently by Blue Sky Media. For more information on how to use the extractor, please refer to the documentation. In case you run into some issues or you have more questions, please contact me directly.